And The Award Goes To...

KGH Honors Employees at Annual Dinner

The phrase "And the award recipient is..." was a common phrase heard recently at the Kennewick General Hospital Service Awards Dinner.

During the awards ceremony, 135 employees from throughout the organization were honored for their years of service and dedication to the hospital.  Service award presentations ranged from those with 5 years of service to those with 35 years of service to the hospital and community.  These award recipients collectively represented more than 1,390 years of service to KGH.

Kerry Joebgen, who has been with the hospital for 35 years and is a Lab Information Systems Analyst says, "There have many changes to the organization over the years and we've grown so much. In the Laboratory alone, we've gone from manual chemistries testing to total automated instrumentation."

Service award recipients:

35 Years
Kerry Joebgen - Laboratory
Beverly Thrasher - Home Health

30 Years
Rhonda Trapp - Pre Op
Yvonne Carlos - Family Birthing Center
Bev Russell - Family Birthing Center

25 Years
Karen Engel - Pediatrics
Debra Graff - Accounting
Kellie Hamilton - Pre Op
James Hachtel - Operating Room
Marion Vocht - Radiology
Denise Konzek - Emergency Room
Mei-Ling Tang - Pharmacy
Nancy Gustafson - Food Services

20 Years
Tamie Bradbury - Marketing
Bruce Jenkins - Home Health
Jolie Mckinnon - KPC
Business Office
Lana Laraine Walker - Family Birthing Center
Dyanna Schultz - Operating Room
Patricia Mendoza - Patient Relations
Anthony Brown - Environmental Services
Rosemary Festejo - Central Sterile

15 Years
Jennifer Brindle - KGH Urgent Care West
Marnee Hansen - Family Birthing Center
Taylor Bills - Mammography
Cindy Blakely - KPC Business Office
Heidi Martin - Pediatrics
Shirley Mcintosh - Family Birthing Center
Amanda Lathim - Emergency Room
Candice Welch - Admitting
Patricia Morgan - Kennewick Internal Medicine
Kerry Kiddy - Special Care Nursery
Sue Dietrich - KPC Business Office

10 Years
Diana Brazzell - Medical & Surgical Unit
Julie Hinds - Endoscopy Center - Med Mall
Vaughn Mackenzie - Clinical Engineering
Coni Coyne - Employee Health Infection Control
Cynthia Kuykendall - Operating Room
Dana Owens - Family Birthing Center
Mary Kurzawa - Emergency Room
Kaitlyn Dickey - Progressive Care Unit
Steven Snyder - Emergency Room
Juanita Anderson - Radiology
Arline Bartel - Intensive Care Unit
Jody Baum - Family Birthing Center
Amanda Brumfield - Family Birthing Center
Jacquelyn Cardoza - Medical & Surgical Unit
Patrocinio Gonzales - Environmental Services
Marquis Klopfenstein - Computerized Tomography
Linda Mackie - Computerized Tomography
Amy Mainwaring - Family Birthing Center
Robert Salisbury - Mid Columbia Womens Hlth Ctr East
Rae Schubert - Progressive Care Unit
Nanci Shrauner - KPC Administration
Karen Walker - Family Birthing Center
Mary Wilson - Laboratory
Terese Biddle - KGH Urgent Care West
Virgina Campbell - KGH General Surgery
Terri Carpenter - Medical & Surgical Unit
Nancy Linville - Diabetes & Nutrition Education
Kristina Parsons - Ultrasound
Laurie Vanunen - Family Birthing Center
Cindy Brock - Mid Columbia Womens Hlth Ctr East
Kate Green - KPC Administration
Jeri Schlender - MM Physician Practices
Sandy Shore - Nursing Administration
Sonja Mata - Pediatrics
Cathy Petersen - Education Services
Norma Velasquez - KPC Administration
Emad Abu-Khieran - MM Physician Practices
Charles Barnes - Administration
Tina Dickerson - Environmental Services
Brenda Draper - Volunteer Services

5 Years
Adele Connors - Foundation Support
Alexandra Andersen - Intensive Care Unit
Alisha Haggerty - Dr. Nelson Yu
Amanda Lockhaven - KGH Urgent Care West
Ana Ortiz - Medical & Surgical Unit
Brandi Gilmour - KPC Business Office
Brenda Kessie - Patient Financial Services
Candace Lopez - Special Care Nursery
Connie Santos - KPC Electronic Records
David Jones - Columbia Family Medicine
Dawna Murrill - Patient Financial Services
Dennis Jones - Information Technology
Diane Rakestraw - Dr. Haddadin
Diane Sanders - Administration
Eva Perez - Drs Nazar & Chaudhry
Heather Hunzeker - Patient Financial Services
Heather Sams - Admitting
Jacqueline Stilwill - Family Birthing Center
James Maxwell - Nuclear Medicine
Janis Lindsey - Central Sterile
Jennifer Delapena - Columbia Family Medicine
Jennifer Hanratty - KGH Urgent Care West
Joann Rodrick - Home Health
Jose Santos - Environmental Services
Jubert Javonillo - Environmental Services
Kathy Rodriguez - Short Stay Unit
Kendra Ostby - Progressive Care Unit
Kenneth Breeden - KGH Walk In Care Richland
Kim Clark - KGH Occupational Health
Kristi Brault - Family Birthing Center
Lisa Manship - Food Services
Lori Taylor - KGH Gastroenterology
Margaret Shaw - Laboratory
Maria Cora Lozano - Environmental Services
Mary Cacucciolo - KGH Walk In Care Kennewick
Melissa Genett - Endoscopy Center - Med Mall
Melissa Wilson - Family Birthing Center
Michaela Maybee-Garcia - Food Services
Michele Hunstman - Laboratory
Michelle Calderon - Family Birthing Center
Michelle Fajardo - Medical & Surgical Unit
Michelle Meade - Medical & Surgical Unit
Nancy Smith - Patient Financial Services
Nelson Yu - Dr. Nelson Yu
Nichole Harding - Emergency Room
Oksana Szendre - Laboratory
Qayyum Nazar - Drs Nazar & Chaudhry
Renee Glesener - Admitting
Rhonda Reyburn - KPC - Electronic Medical Records
Rosemary Maxwell - Drs Nazar & Chaudhry
Sarah Newsom - Family Birthing Center
Sherri Richardson - Cardiovascular Lab
Stephanie Bradley - MM Physician Practices
Tamara Swart - Nursing Administration
Tammy Bender - KPC- Electronic Records
Tanya Flake - Patient Financial Services
Tawnee Gutzmer - Food Services
Teena Giulio - Laboratory
Tera Williams - Intensive Care Unit
Tina Jensen - Endoscopy Center - Med Mall
Tonya Davis - KGH Urgent Care West
Yasmin Chaudhry - Drs Nazar & Chaudhry
Yolanda Espindola - Medical & Surgical Unit