Kennewick General Hospital is proud to recognize the following students from Southridge High School for recently completing a Heartsaver Instructors Course made possible through a grant from the Columbia Center Rotary Club.

Lisa Wellman Nik Reinig
Heather Edden Meghan Lowery
Tim Tan Judson Henckel
Todd Zimmerman Samantha Festejo
Bradley Fuller Josh Gilma

These students came to KGH to attend classes from 7:30am - 9:00am for a week to complete this course and become CPR Instructors. This was a pilot program this year, but it's something Kennewick General Hospital believes will benefit our community for years to come, and hopes to offer this instructors course to more high schools in the area soon. For more information contact Lancene Lamson, KGH Community/Staff Education Coordinator, 586-5824.