Breast cancer will affect an average of one in eight women sometime in their lifetime. It is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in women, second only to lung cancer. Numerous studies prove that early detection is a vital component in the successful treatment of breast cancer.

Methods for early detection of breast cancer include breast self-examinations, clinical examinations by a healthcare professional, and mammography. Mammograms play a central part in the early detection of breast cancer because they can detect changes in the breast that may be early signs of cancer, but are too small or subtle to be felt. American Cancer Society guidelines recommend that women have annual screening mammograms beginning at the age of 40.

The use of mammography has greatly enhanced the ability to detect breast cancers at earlier stages and is considered one of the major achievements in medicine. Because our primary goal has always been to deliver the highest quality care to our patients, KGH now offers the area's most advanced digital mammography at the KGH Medical Mall. This new technology shows great promise in the fight against breast cancer.

Digital mammography uses computers and specially designed digital detectors to produce an image that can be displayed on a high-resolution computer monitor and transmitted and stored just like computer files.

Unlike film-based mammography, digital mammograms produce images that appear on the technologist's monitor in a manner of seconds. There is no waiting for film to develop, which can mean shorter exam times.

With digital mammography, the radiologist reviews electronic images of the breast, using special high-resolution monitors. The physician can adjust the brightness, change contrast, and zoom in for close ups of specific areas of interest. Being able to manipulate images is one of the main benefits of digital technology.

In the fight against breast cancer, early detection is the key. See your physician today for a referral to get your full-field digital mammogram at the KGH Mammography Center!