Community health system changes name

The Kennewick Public Health District Board of Commissioners announced today that effective October 10, 2013, Kennewick General Hospital will change its name to Trios Health. The new name better reflects the organization's commitment to the Tri-Cities and changes in its size and scope of services since 1952 when the original hospital was opened. Today the organization operates a hospital, three Urgent Care Centers (one with the Tri-Cities' only After-Hours Pediatric Clinic), and more than ten physician-based Care Centers and specialty services across the community. Trios Health will open a new hospital at Southridge in spring of 2014.

Originally, Tri-Citians opened their new community hospital at its current location to provide care to the growing population; at that time one hospital was dedicated to serving only Hanford employees and their families while the other was often at capacity, forcing people to pursue services in Walla Walla or Yakima or beyond. Over the next 61 years, the services provided by the hospital have evolved to include outpatient services to meet the growing needs for quality primary and specialty healthcare throughout the Tri-Cities.
Trios Health's services today include much more than the hospital, with a continuum that provides health and wellness from birth through elder care.

"The fact is that we have been looking at this for some time," said Glen Marshall, chief executive officer. "While our heritage remains an important part of who we are, we outgrew the name Kennewick General Hospital years ago as we expanded our services across the Tri-Cities, added needed specialties, and broadened our scope to include outpatient services. The decision became a lot clearer to us as we've reflected on our strategic direction and the promise of our future. The new name absolutely captures our commitment to who we are, how we work, and who we serve: compassion-driven, physician-connected, and community-minded."

Hospital officials view the timing of the system name change ideal with the upcoming grand opening of the new hospital at Southridge because it allows the District to more efficiently and effectively organize its system of care in a way that will help the community better understand its breadth and depth.

The name Trios is of Latin origin, defined as a set or combination of three parts, like a musical trio. Separately, each has its own identity, but together the three parts form something greater, more harmonious, and truly special. The new name was inspired first by the Tri-Cities, a set of three core communities, thriving at the confluence of three flowing rivers. It was also inspired by the three aspects of health-mind, body and spirit-each of which must be nurtured with a sense of compassion in addition to professional medical care.

The new name has also extended to the system's physician-based group and the Foundation. KGH Physician Clinics, renamed Trios Medical Group, is comprised of nearly 100 employed physicians and providers who offer compassionate care across a multitude of specialties to cover every healthcare need through every stage of life. KGH Foundation, hereafter Trios Foundation, enhances patient care through fundraising that enables new programs and services, and brings new equipment to the organization's care locations. All care locations for Trios Health will be effected by a new nomenclature system (see details below).

Trios Health, formerly known as Kennewick General Hospital, is the Kennewick Public Hospital District's system of care serving the greater Tri-Cities. The District, which offers hospital services at its original Kennewick location, will expand in spring 2014 with the opening of a second full-service, state-of-the-art hospital at Southridge to accommodate the medical needs of the area's fast-growing population. Trios Medical Group, comprised of nearly 100 employed physicians and providers, serves as the core of a growing medical staff network of 270+ providers throughout the Tri-Cities and includes practices and services at nine Care Centers and three Urgent Care Centers. Trios Foundation enhances patient care through fundraising that enables new programs and services, and brings new equipment to Trios Health.