Trios Foundation leader certified for legacy planning

Trios Foundation’s Dennis Maughan is among the first in the nation to complete a new training program to become a certified independent Legacy Navigator® for Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters. Maughan is the Foundation’s director.

The new Legacy Navigator training program was created by Celebrations of Life Services, Inc. in response to a growing need for baby boomers and seniors to pass on their values legacy and enhance financial or estate planning decisions, life transitions, or to find greater meaning in their lives.

With the certification, Maughan will conduct community workshops and coaching sessions to help individuals and families define and share their values, hopes and life lessons for loved ones and future generations. He will also coordinate the preservation of each client’s Ethical Will/Legacy Letter through professionally prepared documents, published books, and other media. He is available for presentations, writing workshops, individual coaching sessions, and speaking engagements. He can be contacted at 509-585-5908.

Celebrations of Life Services, Inc. was founded in 2007 to help individuals and families create meaningful and affordable legacies. The company is based in Minneapolis and the legacy programs are delivered nationally through certified LifeSAGErs® and Legacy Navigators®. For more information regarding the legacy training program or to lean about the company’s legacy programs and resources, visit their website at