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New Era

It's more than a new name. It's a new era.

The year was post-war 1952 and the Tri-Cities had been through a devastating flu epidemic, deaths from diphtheria and smallpox, and birth after birth in homes without the aid of physicians. It was high time for the kind of hospital this area deserved. So the people banded together and after years of hard work and perseverance, opened Kennewick General Hospital. It was hailed as "a symbol of what a community can do."

KGH has served this community well. Known for its compassionate care and dedication to the people who live here, KGH has done much to improve many lives. But now it's time to do more. And so we are making changes.

We are creating a state-of-the-art system of health that allows patients access to their physicians and medical records, and facilitates even better communication between physicians. We are expanding our care locations to make our services more readily available. We are adding to an already large and diverse team of physicians. And we are building a new hospital.

We have been here for you for 61 years. And we will continue to be here, with the same care in our hearts but with a system transformed for a new era of healthcare.

Trios Health. However you need us. Whenever you need us. We're with you for life.