Family Medicine Residency

The Trios Family Medicine Residency Program is designed to train physicians to become independent practitioners dedicated to compassionate, quality, patient-centered care and continuous learning.

This 36-month osteopathic post-graduate program—accredited by the American Osteopathic Association—provides up to three residents per year with comprehensive training in the treatment of patients of all ages, and exposure to a wide variety of pathology, to create a broad base of knowledge. One-on-one training is provided by preceptors who are members of the community, and who have DO and MD degrees.

The Continuity of Care Clinic is at the heart of the training program for our residents. The clinic provides a learning environment that embraces evidence-based medicine and creates opportunities for longitudinal hands-on experience. Residents will be given increasing patient care responsibilities commensurate with their level of knowledge and skill.

Dr. Sheila Dunlop is the Family Medicine Residency Program Director. Dr. Dunlop is dedicated to the creation of a quality residency that will effectively prepare young physicians for Board certification and the independent practice of medicine.

Apply today to choose Trios for your residency. To apply for a position in one of our residency programs, please visit the ERAS® website to view instructions for completing and placing your application. Our programs participate in the National Residency Matching Program.