Family Birthing Center Services

Start Your Birth Story at Trios

Welcoming a baby is one of life’s most precious moments. Choosing your care provider and where to have your baby is part of your birth story. The Trios Family Birthing Center is here to give you a special, memorable experience.

Trios Family Birthing Center in Top 2% Nationwide
The Trios Family Birthing Center consistently ranks in the top 2% of same-size birthing facilities nationwide for customer satisfaction.

Private Birthing Suites

Luxurious private suites make you feel at home in the Trios Family Birthing Center. They’re designed for comfort, yet highly advanced medical equipment stays tucked away until needed.

Each suite includes a:
  • Sofa
  • Rocking chair
  • Refrigerator
  • Built-in TV/DVD system
  • Private bath with whirlpool tub or hydrotherapy shower.

Personalized Care

The Trios Family Birthing Center chooses specialized doctors, midwives, and nurses who are compassionate and dedicated to providing excellent service. Their medical skill and passion—along with the Center’s thorough, inclusive communication practices—add up to exceptional care.

Family Centered Births

Births are a family affair. As long as it’s okay with the mother and her doctor, family members are welcome to be present, visit, and take pictures or video any time during or after delivery. There are also two family areas outside the birthing suites for adults and children. Both have TVs and plenty of seating.

Stay Comfortable and Safe at Trios

The Trios Family Birthing Center keeps you and your baby comfortable and safe with:
  • State-of-the-art security
  • A la carte meal service
  • Special Care Nursery (advanced care for babies born up to six weeks early).

Help Before and After Your Birth

Baby care questions come up before and after birth. That’s why the Trios Family Birthing Center offers:
  • Pre- and post-delivery classes, including breastfeeding support, and infant and child CPR
  • A free post-partum visit with a Trios lactation specialist
  • An open door policy that welcomes your questions after you go home.

Contact Us

To schedule a private tour or to learn more about the Trios Family Birthing Center, please call 509-585-BABY (2229).

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