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Supported Programs & Services

The Foundation often raises funds for programs and services that can make a significant impact on the life of a patient. Some of the programs the Trios Foundation supports are:

Camp Trios

Helping Kids with Diabetes Stay Happy and Healthy

Established in 2012 and offered by the Trios Diabetes Education Department—with generous support from numerous community sponsors and volunteers—Camp Trios is a summer day camp program for children ages 6 to 14 diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The goal of this three-day camp, the first of its kind in the Tri-Cities, is to teach participants about their diagnoses and provide them with tools for managing it in a way that doesn't limit their daily life.

At camp, participants have the opportunity to build relationships with peers with similar health situations, learn how to manage their diabetes, and interact closely with mentors and volunteers who can relate to their experiences and offer advice—all while having fun.

Age-appropriate educational sessions and speakers are also scheduled during camp, with follow-up activities offered throughout the year to encourage program participants to continue proactively managing their diabetes.

2018 Camp Trios

July 24-27
Southridge Sports Complex & Tri-City Court Club

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Camp Trios Registration - 2018

Camp Trios Registration - 2018 (Spanish)

Family Birthing Center

Support the miracle of life with your donation to the Trios Family Birthing Center. Your online donation will help new parents provide safe carseats for their babies, or you may purchase a personalized brass leaf on the Center's Birth Tree for $25.

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Gartner Child Assistance Fund

Your donation to this fund, set up by the Paul Gartner Trust, will help support children under 12 who may otherwise go without medical treatment for non-terminal conditions due to financial constraints.

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Good Samaritan Program

Donations to this program are used to fill the gap when unexpected situations arise and patients need a little bit of extra help in their healthcare process. Program funds have been used in a number of ways, including:

  • Transportation for patients to receive needed treatment
  • Hotel rooms for patients or families with loved ones in the hospital    
  • Gas cards for a family to travel after their child was airlifted    
  • New clothing for patients upon hospital discharge who arrived with clothes in poor shape    
  • Personal items including reading glasses, hearing aid batteries, denture cream, and reading materials.

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Hematology & Oncology Patient Support Fund

Similar to the Good Samaritan Program, this fund is specifically designed to help fill financial gaps for patients enduring the often long and difficult process of cancer treatment. Past program funds have been used to help cover expenses including:

  • Prescriptions for patients who couldn't work    
  • Transportation or gas cards for patients to get to and from appointments    
  • Groceries for patients at a time when nutrition was critical    
  • Hotel stays for patient situations that called for it.

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Jim Mokler Wall

The Trios Foundation's Jim Mokler Wall provides an excellent opportunity to remember a loved one who is no longer with you or to honor someone special in your life whose kindness and love has inspired or touched you. At the same time, your gift will help Trios Foundation continue to support outstanding clinical care and service to Trios Health patients.

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Scholarship Program

Each year, the Trios Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing degrees in healthcare-related fields.

Academic Year 2019–20

Applications will be available in the Foundation office and online November 1, 2018.


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Women's Health Screenings

Your donation to this fund will help support free women's health screenings, including mammograms, to underinsured and uninsured women in our community. Past screening events funded by these donations have saved lives with early cancer detection.

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Areas of Greatest Need

As a donor, it can be difficult to know exactly where your money will be most effective—especially given the ever-changing nature of a hospital's needs. Selecting this donation option allows funds to be spent in areas of most immediate need. This often includes items essential to patient care that require a lower investment level than things like CT or MRI equipment, for example. Purchases from this fund may include items such as stretchers, gurneys, blanket warmers, blood pressure monitors, or heart monitors, to name a few; the list is endless and always changing as needs are met and others arise. Regardless of amount or timing, directing your donation to this fund will ensure your support benefits the most urgent needs of patients at Trios Health.

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