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Advanced Illness Management

Personalized Care for Advanced Illness

When faced with a serious illness, you are not alone in making decisions regarding appropriate care. At Trios Health, someone who understands the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your health situation will be there to help guide you and your family on the path forward.

The Advanced Illness Management team at Trios Health can assist in a number of ways, including:

  • Reviewing the patient's complete medical history to provide fully informed guidance and support
  • Helping patients and families understand all of the realities their unique health situation poses
  • Establishing, re-evaluating, and adjusting care and treatment goals based on illness progression, prognosis, and personal wishes
  • Discussing all aspects of available care options, including advantages and disadvantages
  • Providing patients who are able the opportunity to explore and express personal wishes regarding their health situation and care
  • Assisting with the legal aspects of advanced illness care planning, including power of attorney and advance directive documentation
  • Working with families to make care decisions for patients who cannot speak for themselves
  • Presenting care setting recommendations and facilitating transitions as appropriate
  • Infusing faith-related discussions with those who find it helpful to their care process
  • Listening to and answering questions with patience, compassion, and transparency.

Studies show that early advanced illness care can help extend or improve a patient's quality of life. When the care includes realistic discussions about the benefits and drawbacks of a variety of care options, treatment plans can be developed that best meet the patient where their health condition and wishes intersect. 

Such important personal decisions should be fully informed and supported. We are here for you.

You may ask your doctor or nurse for a referral to the Trios Advanced Illness Management program, or contact one of the team members below.

Wayne Kohan, MD | Program Director

Ondria Hitt | Chaplain