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Having Trouble Breathing?

When you have trouble breathing, it lowers your quality of life and overall health. If you have a breathing problem, you may need to see a pulmonologist—a specialist who diagnoses and treats lung and respiratory system (pulmonary) disorders.

Trios Health's Respiratory Care team includes two physicians with quadruple board certifications in critical care medicine, pulmonology, sleep medicine, and internal medicine—highly interrelated areas of practice. Trios pulmonologists see patients on an outpatient basis during regular office hours and during rotations if patients are hospitalized.

Comprehensive Pulmonary and Sleep Disorder Care

Trios pulmonologists diagnose and treat patients of all ages—including children—who have breathing and sleep-related symptoms including:

  • Asthma and/or allergies    
  • Chronic bronchitis    
  • Emphysema    
  • Insomnia    
  • Interstitial lung disease    
  • Lung cancer    
  • Narcolepsy    
  • Pleural disease    
  • Pulmonary hypertension    
  • Restless leg syndrome    
  • Sarcoidosis    
  • Sleep apnea.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools

Backed by the latest in pulmonary function testing and diagnostic imaging technology, Trios pulmonologists work diligently to identify your condition so you can quickly start your personalized treatment plan.

If you need surgery, a caring staff of anesthesiologists, nurses, and technicians await at the Trios Surgery Center.

If you need to be hospitalized, your pulmonologist will be there for you, partnering with the inpatient Trios Respiratory Therapy team and other specialists as needed to get you back to better health.

Your primary care doctor may refer you to a pulmonologist, but referrals aren't always required.