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Introducing the Trios Health Spokeskids

They're smart, active, funny, and curious. They care about being healthy and want to set a good example in the community. They're the Trios Health Spokeskids. By capturing and sharing their own exploration of health and wellness topics, they're teaching others how to take excellent care of their health...from a kid's perspective. Stay tuned in to see what they're up to!

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  • Ethan


    Age 10
    Sports make Ethan's world go round. He enjoys playing baseball, football, and basketball. Ethan is in 4th grade and is a straight A student. He has two dogs, a corn snake, and a bearded dragon.

  • Chandler


    Age 9
    Yellow is Chandler's favorite color “because it is happy.” Other things that make Chandler happy are soccer, music, books and pineapple pizza. He loves Animal Planet and if he could be any animal it would be a cheetah because they are the fastest runners, much like Chandler. "I am the best runner in the world." He hates homework other than math and reading, but loves to help people.

  • Sophia


    Age 10
    Sophia wants to help kids feel better about going to the doctor. In fact, she hopes to become a doctor one day. In school, her favorite subject is science, and after school she enjoys soccer and basketball. Sophia is a girl of many talents. "I'm a unique artist." And like her favorite musical artist Zendaya, "I love to sing!" Her family and friends make her feel happy and drinking milk makes her feel strong. 

  • Jacquelynn


    Age 12
    Drawing is Jacquelynn's favorite hobby because "I express what I feel through the tip of my pencil and I love it from the bottom of my heart!" After school Jacquelynn practices her violin "every chance I get." She also enjoys reading a good book, exploring the outdoors, and listening to instrumental music. Jacquelynn has five sisters, five cats, and a great attitude about life. "I can do anything when I believe I can."

  • Kennedy


    Age 8
    Kennedy enjoys playing outside, camping, sleeping, and running. He loves the color yellow and even though he is very good at math, his favorite subject in school is history. His athletic skills include basketball, tetherball, and swimming. When he grows up, he would like to be a football player like Peyton Manning, who helped win the Super Bowl.

  • Ryleigh


    Age 10
    One of the most fun things Ryleigh has done is attend 4H camp. "I got to do archery, canoeing, hiking and crafts." She enjoys competing in archery "because I feel proud when I get high scores." Ryleigh is creative, too. She likes to draw horses and design dresses. When she grows up, she would like to be a professional gymnast. Her unique talent? "Being myself. Nobody else can be me!"  

  • Elizabeth


    Age 15
    Lizzy loves spending time playing with her dog, Rosie, and hanging out with her best friend Breanna. From her mother and grandmother, she got the inspiration to become a nurse. "I want to follow in their footsteps." Lizzy enjoys singing and reading books, and loves figuring out math problems. The movie Titanic is one of her favorites.

  • Sun-Yu


    Age 13
    Sun-Yu enjoys playing and watching sports because "physical health is important, and I must address that as a Spokeskid." His favorite subject in school is math. Sun-Yu would like to become either a basketball player or an attorney.

  • Madelyn


    Age 8
    Madelyn likes to dance and be active. She loves P.E. and art and at the trampoline park she loves to jump and tumble. "It's so fun!" When she grows up, she wants to be a rock star "so I can sing and dance!" If she could be any animal she'd be a bunny because "they're so cute and I like to eat carrots at lunch." Eating healthy makes Madelyn feel strong "and it makes my muscles go up!" 

  • Rylee


    Age 9
    Rylee's ambition is to become an author and illustrator. She loves to be creative through her writing and often writes stories for her friends and family. Rylee plays soccer and her favorite spot on the field is in the goalie box. She drinks milk to help build strong bones, and also likes to ride her bike and jump rope for exercise.

  • Sara


    Age 13
    The famous person Sara would most like to meet is Ellen DeGeneres. "She's so funny; she makes me laugh so much!" Sara loves to play soccer. She also enjoys singing, swimming, and outdoor activities. A self-described "goofball," Sara hangs with friends for fun and listens to hip hop music. Her favorite color is neon green and her inner animal is a white tiger, "because I am one of a kind."