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Trios Residency Clinic & Training Sites

Continuity of Care/Ambulatory Clinic Site

The Trios Health residency clinic is centrally located within the Trios Women's and Children's Hospital, and within 5 miles of Trios Southridge Hospital. The clinic—which was formerly the Trios Health ER—was renovated in late 2014 and includes a designated waiting area, resident exam rooms, procedure space, workspace, and resident office space. Residents at the clinic are under the direct supervision of qualified attendings that provide supervision, teaching, and guidance. The clinic is one of the busiest care centers for the Trios Health system.

Rotation Locations

The Trios Health system includes a full-service community hospital, women's and children's specialty hospital, numerous outpatient specialty care centers, and urgent care centers. All training sites are located within a short distance and typically at most include a 20-minute commute.

Other Training Sites (Additional Rotation Locations & Assisted Living)

Trios Health residents also have the opportunity to work with private practice physicians and at other healthcare facilities in the area. Trios Health has also partnered with The Kennewick Life Care Center, which is a skilled nursing facility that allows residents the ability to longitudinally follow their residency clinic patients when those patients need to be admitted to an extended care facility. The Center also allows opportunities for rotations in geriatrics and extended care.