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News & FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the Trios Medical Residency Program.

Audition Rotations

Do you offer two-week or four-week audition rotations?

Each year Trios Health accommodates as many rotation opportunities as possible. The length of audition rotations are discussed each year. Most internal medicine rotations are two weeks in duration; however four weeks may be requested. Family medicine rotations can be either two weeks or four weeks. Contact the Trios Graduate Medical Education office after February 1 each year for more information about the audition schedule.

Do you interview at the same time that you audition?

Yes, as part of your schedule when you audition at Trios Health, you will also be given an interview date. 

Can you complete rotations in other specialties?

Audition rotations are currently limited to family medicine and internal medicine rotations, since Trios Health also supports rotations for medical students from neighboring universities who have been assigned to our region. Family medicine and internal medicine rotations are held for audition students interested in the Trios Health residency programs. 

If I don't get an audition rotation with your program, will that hurt my chances of being offered an interview or being ranked by your program in the Match?

Unfortunately we cannot provide as many audition rotations as we would like. If you do not audition with our program, it does not hurt your chances of being offered an interview for a position in our residency programs. We do encourage all students interested in our residency programs to apply for an audition rotation in their fourth year if possible.

Applying/Interviewing for a Residency Position

Do you have a minimum test score requirement for your program?

Our program directors like to review applications in their entirety. We currently do not set a minimum test score requirement. However, a strong academic background and higher test scores do improve your chances of being invited to interview.

Do you accept applicants from international medical schools?

Yes, but only for the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Do you accept PGY-2 or PGY-3 transfer residents into your program?

This varies each year, depending on if we have an open position. Please contact the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Do you give preferential treatment to students from medical schools in your area?

No, we have residents in our program who have graduated from a variety of medical schools. We do, however, sometimes attract applicants who have ties to Washington state or our area.

How many positions do you have available?

We have four family medicine positions and five internal medicine positions available.

Do you have housing available when interviewing?

We provide a list of housing options including local hotels, short stay options, as well as options to stay with current residents or medical students.

Do you sponsor visas?

No, at this time we are unable to sponsor visas.

Accreditation/Unification Process

Is your program applying for dual accreditation?

Yes, our program is submitting paperwork/application documents that are required as part of the new unified system. We do not know when our program will be approved, but we are working to complete the process as early as possible. 

Program-Related Questions

What is the call schedule like?

The call schedule varies by rotation, but call is never more frequent than every third night. Trios Health has brand new on-call rooms in the Trios Care Center at Southridge for residents to use. The Trios Health residency programs follow all ACGME and AOA duty hour requirements and limits. 

Can I contact one of your current residents?

Yes, please email Jessica Wells. She can put you in touch with a resident to help answer some of your questions. Please make sure to include which program you are interested in.

Where can I review information about your rotations and training requirements?

Please visit the webpage which provides more information on our training schedule and didactics. If you would like to review our resident handbook, policies, or curriculum, please contact Jessica Wells

Community Information

Can you provide me with information about what it's like to live in the area?

Yes, please see the attached document and links below which tell you more about our area. Trios Health is predominately located in Kennewick, Washington (Tri-Cities includes the cities of Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco). Although they are three separate cities, they flow together—so it is not uncommon to live in Richland, but work in Kennewick for example. The Tri-Cities is an affordable place to live with a lot of outdoor recreational activities available. Our residents are also happy to answer questions about what it is like to live here.

Below are links to more information about the community and our organization in general:

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