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Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling can help you sort through complex information about the chances for a genetic disorder or birth defect as well as available testing and treatment options. Genetic counselors are specially trained professionals who can objectively help you understand and process available information related to genetic health issues so you may make the best decisions for you and your family.

Trios Health offers genetic counseling services primarily for:

  • Adult onset conditions such as hereditary cancer, with or without a current diagnosis
  • Individuals with a family history of a developmental delay, birth defects, or other known genetic conditions
  • Infants or children suspected of having a developmental delay, birth defects, or a genetic condition
  • Pregnant women with concerns arising from abnormal prenatal test results.
  • Couples wanting to gather information about their reproductive risks prior to becoming pregnant.

Your Appointment

During a genetic counseling session detailed medical, pregnancy, and family histories will be obtained as appropriate for risk assessment. Your genetic counselor will review your relevant assessment results with you, discuss options for screening and testing—including risks, benefits, and limitations. 

In cases where genetic testing seems reasonable, and is desired, you may pursue testing during your initial appointment or at a follow-up appointment. The decision to do genetic testing is always a personal choice. 

The genetic counselor will explain issues related to insurance.  Results from any genetic testing will be reported directly to you by the genetic counselor when they are completed. 

Your insurance may or may not require a referral for genetic counseling services. Please check your coverage, and if required, obtain a referral from your physician before scheduling your appointment.

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