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Special care for PREGNANCY & BIRTH


A midwife has specialized training to provide routine gynecological care, as well as thorough and nurturing care for you and your unborn baby throughout pregnancy and childbirth, including:

  • Routine monitoring of maternal and fetal health
  • Appropriate testing and follow-up for potential health and developmental concerns
  • Careful monitoring of pre-existing and pregnancy related health conditions
  • Coordination of medical assistance as needed
  • Normal vaginal delivery of your baby
  • Your post-partum follow-up care.

In the event of an emergency related to pregnancy or childbirth, your midwife is fully trained to provide emergency support and secure additional resources to properly care for you and your baby.

Midwifery care is covered by all insurance plans in Washington state.

Pregnant or Planning Pregnancy?

If you choose a Trios midwife for your pregnancy care, you may welcome your baby in the comfort of one of the Trios Family Birthing Center's beautifully appointed, family-friendly private birthing suites. And you will be surrounded by skilled, loving, around-the-clock nursing care.