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Physical Therapy

Comprehensive, Personalized Care

Trios Physical Therapy strives to provide high quality, personalized care to every person we serve. Young or old, active or sedentary, we'll design a treatment program just for you.

Trios Physical Therapy goals:

  • Rehabilitate people with an injury or chronic condition affecting the musculoskeletal system    
  • Help people re-establish and sustain a healthy, functional lifestyle    
  • Provide injury prevention education.

Total Wellness

As part of a full-service health system, your Trios Physical Therapy team can engage experts in nutrition, exercise, mental health, and other specialty areas to help you get the most out of therapy. Trios Physical Therapy promotes whole health to help you achieve better, lasting results. 

Stay Ahead of the Game

Trios Physical Therapy Services offers the latest techniques to help people of all ages and lifestyles. We can help you get to the top of your game—and stay there—whether you:

  • Are training to be a top athlete    
  • Want to prevent or treat sports conditions or injuries      
  • Have acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain      
  • Are recovering from illness or surgery.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies cover physical therapy with a referral from a recognized healthcare provider.