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Diagnostic Imaging

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Diagnostic Imaging Procedures

Trios Diagnostic Imaging focuses on providing you with the best possible care. We use the most advanced technology to reduce your radiation exposure. And your providers can immediately access completed images electronically, enabling them to better share and act on your test results.

Our skilled imaging technologists are ready to meet your inpatient, outpatient, and emergency needs. We are available around-the-clock at Trios Southridge Hospital, and offer outpatient imaging services during business hours at the Trios Care Centers at Southridge and Vista Field.

  • CT—Computed Tomography

    CT scans, sometimes called CAT scans, use numerous internal snapshots to construct highly detailed 3D images. This non-invasive imaging procedure can help with identification, diagnosis, and monitoring of injuries, illnesses, problems with the spinal cord or bones, and more.

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital and Trios Care Center at Southridge

  • DEXA—Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

    DEXA scans use extremely low levels of x-ray to scan the bones for changes in density that relate to a variety of symptoms and conditions.

    Available at: Trios Care Center at Southridge

  • Fluoroscopy

    A fluoroscope uses x-rays to obtain real-time moving images of a patient's internal structures. Fluoroscopy is commonly used for examining issues along the digestive tract and for assisting with certain surgeries or device placements.

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital and Trios Care Center at Southridge

  • Interventional Radiology

    Interventional radiology involves minimally invasive procedures guided by images obtained from x-rays, CT, ultrasound, MRI, or fluoroscopy to treat a variety of vascular, oncologic, neurologic, and therapeutic conditions. These procedures are performed by interventional radiologists using needles and catheters (narrow tubes) instead of large incisions. Interventional radiology offers an alternative to the surgical treatment of many conditions and can, in some cases, eliminate the need for hospitalization.

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital

  • Mammography

    Trios Health was the first in the Tri-Cities to offer 3D mammography, which significantly improves on traditional 2D technology to achieve more precise images that may enable earlier detection of breast cancer.

    Available at: Trios Care Center at Southridge

  • MRI—Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    An MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio frequency waves to provide detailed images of organs and other structures inside the body. MRIs can often be helpful in diagnosing or evaluating issues when other tests do not provide enough information. Unlike other imaging methods, MRI does not use radiation and is safe for most patients.*

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital and Trios Care Center at Southridge

    Trios Southridge Hospital uses large bore MRI technology, which offers one of the largest openings possible and is beneficial for patients who wish to avoid confined spaces.

    *Please notify your doctor and the MRI technologist if you have any metal or device implants.

  • Nuclear Medicine

    Nuclear medicine exams use radiotracers (low dose of radioactive chemical) in the bloodstream to examine internal cellular function. Because radiotracers can pinpoint issues at the molecular level, nuclear medicine exams can help identify disease in earlier stages and measure a patient's response to treatment.

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital and Trios Care Center at Southridge

  • PET/CT—Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography

    A PET/CT scan uses a low dose of radioactive chemical (radiotracer) injected into the bloodstream to show how body tissue and organs are functioning. Since it can detect changes at the cellular level, a PET/CT scan can help doctors proactively monitor areas of concern or evaluate and adjust treatments.

    Available at: Trios Care Center at Vista Field

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images of internal structures. Though commonly used in the obstetrics specialty for monitoring fetal development, ultrasound is also used to locate sources of pain, swelling, and infection as well as to evaluate cardiac, vascular, and other issues.

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital, Trios Women's and Children's Hospital, and Trios Care Center at Southridge

  • X-ray

    Available at: Trios Southridge Hospital, Trios Care Center at Southridge, Trios Urgent Care Center at Vista Field

Diagnostic Imaging Physician Order Forms

Physicians can use the forms below to order imaging services for their patients. Questions can be directed by phone to (509) 221-5441. Forms may be faxed to (509) 221-7748. Please also give patients a copy to bring to their appointment.

CT & Interventional Radiology Form

MRI Form

Nuclear Medicine Form

Ultrasound & Mammography Form

X-Ray Form