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Joint Replacement

Next Steps

Trios Joint Replacement Center

At Trios Health, our carefully designed joint replacement program addresses all aspects of your care.

  • Expert surgical and medical treatments help solve knee and hip joint problems.   
  • Therapy helps smooth and speed recovery.   
  • A caring staff offers support throughout this life-changing journey.

Your Trios Joint Replacement team is with you from the time you choose joint replacement to the time you complete your recovery.

Dedicated Joint Care Team

The Trios Joint Replacement Program brings together a complete care team. Specialized surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, and technicians share a common goal: to get you back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Our specially trained team provides total care for knee and hip replacements. Plus, they're hand picked for their positive attitudes, motivational skills, and outstanding service.

Personalized Journey

The Trios Joint Replacement Program is designed to make you comfortable and help you achieve your best possible results.

Flexible dress code: Hospital gowns not for you? No problem. The usual dress codes don't apply in our joint replacement area.    
Individual and group exercise and therapy: Patients support and encourage each other.    
Family participation: Include your family in your education, physical therapy, and a group luncheon

Know What to Expect

If you decide to have a hip or knee replacement, we'll tell you what to expect at every step. This helps you feel less stressed, and prepares you for the smoothest recovery possible. This includes:

  • A pre-op class    
  • A patient guidebook    
  • Daily newsletters during your stay
  • Wall displays with answers to frequently asked questions